Cross-Cultural Counseling and Psychotherapy for Expatriates

I provide psychotherapy and counseling to expats to help with transitions, distance relationships, and feelings of isolation, homesickness and loneliness. I’m a licensed therapist with over 20 years experience with individual therapy and couples counseling.

According to the ancient quote, “Wherever you go, there you are”. Sometimes we think we can leave our problems behind and start new lives as expats, but often we only compound difficulties. Whether you are seeking excitement or hoping to distance yourself from painful memories, the person you were at home heavily influences the way you cope in the present. Only now your life may be complicated by the need to setup a new home, learn a new language, navigate a different job situation, in short, change almost every facet of your life.

Most of my work is online using secure video communication.   I offer between session email support for which there is no additional charge. All communication is confidential and there is a social media policy to protect your privacy. To watch my Personal Greeting, see below.

My style as a therapist is caring, reflective, and supportive.

  • I help create a safe place where together we can explore sensitive issues.
  • My goal is to work with you in a way that draws on your personal strengths and abilities.
  • The focus of therapy is on empowerment and improving your life.

I offer a complimentary phone or video consultation of up to 30 mins. to help you decide if we are a good fit.  Contact me with any questions.