The books I use vary according to:

  • The current knowledge you have of your diagnosis or subject of interest.
  • Your educational background.
  • The type of therapy you have chosen.


Even the best self-help books may be more detailed than you need or want, covering areas that do not apply to you. Self-help books are written to appeal to the largest possible audience for purposes of marketability, and so use broad brush strokes.

When I use workbooks in therapy, exercises are carefully chosen, and tailored to fit your needs. Because of the considerations involved in choosing workbooks, most of the books listed in the self-help book section are primarily for psycho-education, though these too need to be selected with caution. You will see classics and a number of the most highly rated. Most are available electronically, so if you are interested, you can download a PC version of Kindle, Nook, or Adobe Digital Editions, purchase the book and enjoy.

Self–help books are a burgeoning million dollar industry, with thousands published every year. If you would like information on How to Choose Self-help Books, click on the link.