Journaling – Penzu

Penzu is an online diary and personal journal that is a private alternative to blogging. Keeping a personal journal or online diary can better your mental health functioning.

Are you constantly trying to think about something? Diary writing can give you a new understanding or your emotions. Thoughts and feelings that seem overwhelming become more manageable and understood.

Writing about emotional or stressful experiences increases your ability to concentrate and helps keep your attention focused. Journaling about weighty emotional issues is best done with a therapist.

One area where journaling is especially helpful is when you have experienced a trauma. Most people cope with traumatic events by trying to forget them. They avoid thinking about traumas and try to control their emotions. Expressive writing can be integral to coping with a traumatic event. Writing about the event and your feelings on a regular basis is difficult, but it can give you a better understanding and closure so you can rid yourself of the anxiety, stress, and depression that invades your daily life. If you have suffered a traumatic experience, expressive writing can help.