Expat Psychotherapy

What is Online Therapy or Counseling?

Like traditional therapy or counseling, online therapy gives you a place to express and explore difficulties in a safe and supportive way, without being judged.

Together we decide the direction you will take. I do not tell you what to do, and help you find a way forward.

This is a time especially for you, and can take place over as long or short a period as you need.

online therapy 1

Some of the advantages and limitations of online therapy follow.


  • You like expressing yourself via text and computer.
  • With email; You prefer time to consider what you want to say, and reread exchanges.
  • You can’t get to a therapist for reasons of mobility, geography, or limited time.
  • You want to avoid some of the long wait time that exists with face-to-face therapy.


  • When you have little patience with computer glitches.
  • When you have difficulty with keyboard entry or expressing yourself in writing.
  • When computer access is limited due to disability related issues.
  • You are feeling suicidal.